Hats and Headwear

Hat from Little Sampford Cache

Sketch of Hat from Little Samford Cache
My interpretation, based on measurements of photographic evidence.

This felt hat was found in 1908 concealed in a buttress in Little Sampford Church, Essex. When it was placed there is not known, but may have been before the Reformation.   Based on the hats size, it may have been worn by a statue of a pilgrim saint. It is currently in the possession of the Saffron Walden museum.  Conservation was performed at The Textile Conservation Centre in 1979.  The hat is supposed to date from around 1350, although this is not certain.

The hat is made from blue felted wool, without any seams.  The brim is covered in cream colored tabby woven silk in four sections, and gold wire.  Ivory colored tabby woven silk lines the the brim and the inside of the hat.  The brim has a red satin woven silk binding along the edge, and a cream silk and silver gilt cord.   More information can be found at www.concealedgarments.org.

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