Pattern drawing based on Hald in Nockert

Found in the Kraglund Bog by Viborg in Denmark, this garment was found with a pair of shoes (now lost) but were alleged to have been of a pointed toe 12th-13th Century design. 

According to "Stella" to 75years@yahoogroups 15 Feb 2002;  Porl Grinder-Hansen, curator Danish Middle Ages and Renaissance, Nat. Mus. of Denmark had this carbon14 dated in 1998 by the AMS-laboratory in Århus, Jutland, using the accelerator technique and calibrated according to Stuiver and Pearson 1993.  It was dated to c.1040-1155.

There is a 7 cm (2.76") opening extending down from the neck opening.

The material of this outfit is a "threeshaft frieze".

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