Type 3

According to the typology given in Nockert, Type 3 Hoods are typified as

"Hood cut in two equal parts, with a seam above the skull. Liripipe cut separately. Short cape (10-15 cm long) with diagonally cut neck and gore inserted on each shoulder. Narrow Neck (43-47 cm). Liripipe length varies between 47 and 68 cm, width 2-6 cm."

This group is made up from eleven hoods from Herjolfsnes, and comprises Norlund's "Type II": no. 65, no. 71, no. 72, no. 73, no. 75, no. 76, no. 77, no. 78, no. 79, and no. 80. Cutting the hood as a piece with the liripipe would then include London Hood no.174.

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