Hats and Headwear

Herjolfsnes, no.87

Pattern drawing based on Nörlund

This conical hat is made of two bands of cloth sewn one on top of the other, and with a gore in back. It should be noted that as with the construction of the other Herjolfsnes caps, the crown is made of two separate pieces. There is a narrow hemming, deepest in front, but gradually narrowing towards the rear.

This item has been radiocarbon dated to about 1300 CE (calibrated C-14 1280-1380 CE), making it a full century earlier than the "Burgundian hat" it appears to resemble.  My suspicion is, then, that it should be worn with the top folded over in the style known to the eastern Scandinavians.

Although I have not been been able to verify this, I have been told that the new examination of these garments Som syel til jorden says that this garment has been carbon dated to 685+/-50 BP, or 1215-1315.

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