Herjolfsnes no.37

Pattern drawing based on Nörlund

This item was found interred with skeletal remains with a calculated height of 1.52 m (59.8"), and based on that is assumed to be those of a man. The material of the garment is a darkbrown "four-shaft twill, well and regularly woven of firmly spun threads". It appears to have been cut with front and rear pieces, neither having a center gore. The broad side gores are each divded by a false seam. There is no indication of what sleaves this garment might have had.

The side gores are much more narrow than in other outfits while the center pieces increase in width much faster, without the presence of a center gore. Enough of the right hand side gore exists to indicate that there was a "pocket" slit.

Length from Shoulder to Hem: 115 cm (45.3")
Waist Circumference: *156 cm (61.4")
Hem Circumference: *310 cm (122") of which the back piece is 98 cm ("38.6")
Armhole Circumference: 66 cm (26")
Neck Cirumference: ??
Sleeve Length: ??
Shoulder width: 48 cm (18.9") across the back.
*Waist and hem measurements are assumptions based the front piece (now missing) accurately reflecting the size of the rear piece.

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