Felt Caps

  1. Italian Hat (c1480)
    Red Cloth
  2. An intermediate "sugarloaf" step
  3. An intermediate "sugarloaf" step
  4. An intermediate "sugarloaf"/Fez step
  5. An Shortened from flatttened cylinder, this is essentially the body of the hat with the brim unfolded.
  6. Basic "cap" (14th century on)
  7. Milan or Tudor Bonnet (c1470s- )
  8. Calotte or Cap, Skull cap.
    This basic design prevailed for centuries with only minor changes. A version of it with a flipped up and enlarged brim is worn today as a "sailor's cap".
  9. The Broad Brimmed felt hat was rare, but present in the Middle Ages, just as it is today.
  10. Academic Cap (c13th Century)
    "Late Medieval"
  11. (14th Century)

Some Headwear of the Middle Ages - Felt Caps, by I. Marc Carlson. Copyright 1996.