The Bocksten Bog Man

The Kyrtle after conservation.
(After a photo in Nockert)

Under his cloak, the Bocksten Bog Man wore a garment sewn of a now yellow-brown woolen twill, which is reddish-brown on the reverse. There is some difference in quality between the headpiece, the sleeves, the gores, but not enough to suggest that these latter parts were made from a different fabric.

The front and back of the Kyrtle are of a piece, in other words, there are no shoulder seams, with an opening cut for the head. The width of the Kyrtle's skirt has been increased by the the insertion of gores in the front, back and sides.

The sleeve openings are flat and somewhat differently cut. The sleeves are wide at the top, and narrow at the bottom. The left sleeve is cut in one piece with two small gores underneath. The right consists of two pieces joined together; a larger at the front, and narrower one at the back. Like the left sleeve, it has two gores underneath. The sleeves have a 1cm hem at the cuff.

No traces of a lining have been found in this Kyrtle.

Only minor alterations have been made to Dr. Albert Sandklef's original reconstruction of the Kyrtle.

Line drawing of the Kyrtle, based on one by E. Lundwall. Bold lines indicate selvages edges. Otherwise arrows indicate direction of weave.

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