The Bocksten Bog Man

(After a photo in Nockert)

The bold lines in the design above indicate the placement of the selvage edges

These are long hose with an attached foot. The leg piece is cut in one piece, on the bias to help with stretching. There is one seam in the rear of the leg starting at the heel, and ending in a point .. The triangular gore joins with the rest of the footed section. There is NO separate sole in this design, as the upper and heel are seamed along the axis of the sole.

To keep the hose from sagging around the knees and ankles, a strap of leather is drawn through two holes on each side, and through a central knot designed to cause tension on the rear of the leg. The diagram shows that central knot is possibly used to lap further securing straps, attached to the belt.

While I have tried the rigging shown here, I am fairly certain that there is something missing regarding the attachment, and have actually found better support in tucking the top point around the belt and using a lace to tie the point to the lower leg. Unfortunately, the actual method for securing them appears to have been lost.

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