Birgitta's Cloak or Dress

traditional layout of the "Mantle of St. Birgitta". After photographs in Andersson and Franzén.

Pattern drawing based on information in Andersson and Franzén.

More usually referred to as the Mantle of St. Birgitta (or, Il Mantello di Santa Brigida), studies by the late Anne Marie Franzen suggest that the garment fragments may possibly be a 14th century woman's surcote.  The material is a fine dark-blue/mauve wool, and was likely quite expensive when it was first made.

At the time Franzen studied the garment, it was held by the the Convent of Santa Lucia a Selci in Rome.  I am told that it may be found now at Santa Brigida a Campo de'Fiori, also in Rome.

Note that this should not be confused with the "Mantle of St. Brigit".

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