I. Marc Carlson

Biographical material:

Birthdate:  July, 1962 (Cusp of Leo and Crabby)
Birthplace:  Boulder, Colorado
Present Residence: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Preferred residence: Someplace I'm not allergic to.
Marital Status:  Widowed
Schooling: Masters Degree (MLIS) from OU (The University of Oklahoma). I have a BA in History and Anthropology, and I have plans to eventually get back to school and finishing that second Masters in History. Maybe once the world ends...
I am currently the Librarian of Special Collections and University Archives at the University of Tulsa, and Historical Researcher.
E-Mail:  Marc-Carlson@utulsa.edu
Telephone: (918) 631-2882
Reading, Trivia, Writing, History, Research, Genealogical Research, Religion, Anthropology (Applied/Historical), Historical Recreation, Making Stuff, including Leatherworking, Medieval Shoemaking, Woodworking, Knifemaking, Bone carving, Horning, and other Arts and Crafts things. Oh yes, and Role Playing Games.
Personal statement:
I hate blatant generalized statements I know to be wrong or inaccurate. This can be extended to a serious problem with false myths, although curiously, I have no problem with political lies (perhaps because we're not supposed to believe politicians in the first place). I have a number of pet peeves including "Male Bashing" (Generic bashing that is -- bashing specific individuals is just fine), people bashing things they know nothing about, and intolerance (and yes, I know that seems contradictory). I hate bad research and despise people passing off garbage research as though it were something valid.

I'm opinionated, chronically communicative, and too darned honest for my own good (unless I choose to share them). As a true believer in the Secret Ballot, my politics are nobody's business. I eat quiche, cook, sing, used to play baseball, hate watching sports, don't do car repairs (if I can get away with it). I used to shop and iron, but my wife and I were unable to compromise on our varying methods. Used to cook but wife finds that relaxing so she does it. I do the dishes and clean the house.

(edited, now I do it all again)

Since I'm told that I'm too negative about myself, I can also say that I'm really a nice guy, won't lie (without a really good reason), don't eat babies, don't judge people until after they've presented things to judge them about (and am really big on that whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing), and even then am more understanding than some around me find comfortable. When I'm unhappy, everyone knows about it, when I'm happy, it's not a big secret. In short, I'm just a guy.

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