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Geophysical Imaging -  Key  To Subsurface Exploration  
Prospective Grad Students

Contact me to know more about possible research areas, if you are interested in graduate studies with a focus in petroleum geophysics, applied geophysics for environmental, mineral and ground water exploration. 



My research interests are in the application of geophysical methods to analyze  exploration seismic data through  quantitative methods for reservoir characterization, and to image near surface and deep crustal structure through seismic, electrical, and electromagnetic methods. Current projects include evaluation of acoustic impedance inversion methods applied to  gas reservoirs and seismic attribute analysis/classification studies for structure mapping and reservoir characterization.

Recent projects include, characterizing the Northern Cascadia Subduction Zone structure from P- and S-wave tomographic velocity models, seismic tomography studies of the Charlevoix Seismic Zone,  and imaging the velocity structure and thickness of the permafrost layer at the Mallik gas hydrate field in the Mackenzie Delta of north-western Canadian Arctic.

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Kumar  Ramachandran
Associate Professor of Geosciences
Department of Geosciences
The University of Tulsa
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104, USA

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Undergraduate geophysics program  offers comprehensive coursework in applied geophysics and practical training in geophysical field methods.