Joli Jensen

Hazel Rogers Professor of Communication

The University of Tulsa  
Tulsa  OK  74104  

curriculum vitae

Joli Jensen

Joli Jensen's teaching interests are in media, culture and society.  At the University of Tulsa she designed and supervises the Communication Senior Project course and also teaches courses on Media and Popular Culture, Bestselling Feminisms, and Nonfiction Writing.  She directed the University Honors Program from 2005-2007.

She recently founded the TU Faculty Writing Program (brochure) where she serves as the Henneke Faculty Writing Fellow.

In Fall 2013 she began a series of monthly columns on academic writing for Vitae: a service of The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Some of her suggestions are summarized in "Myths We Stall By" and "Finding Writing Space, Time and Energy."

Her research interests are in American cultural and social thought.  Her first book, Redeeming Modernity: Contradictions in Media Criticism, (Sage 1990) analyzes how the media are blamed for the perceived ills of modern life.  Her second book, The Nashville Sound: Authenticity, Commercialization and Country Music(Vanderbilt 1998) explores how and why cultural genre change, in relation to concerns about culture and commerce. Her third book, Is Art Good for Us? Beliefs about High Culture in American Life (Rowman & Littlefield 2002) questions our taken-for-granted assumptions about the transformational power of high culture.  She is co-author (with Richard Campbell and others) of Media In Society, an upper-division undergraduate textbook (Bedford St. Martin's 2013) and co-edited (with Steve Jones) Afterlife as Afterimage (Lang 2005), a collection of essays on posthumous reputation in popular music. She has also written academic essays on media criticism, communication technologies, communication theories, the social history of the typewriter, Patsy Cline, artistic celebrity, and fans and fandom.

Her current research interests are in varieties of aesthetic experience, and also in the history of editing and publishing, using the archives of British publisher Andre Deutsch (in TU's Special Collections) and the letters of literary editor Diana Athill

Concern about widespread use of prescription medication for anxiety and depression led to journalistic essays on undergraduates and mood medication ("Let's Not Medicate Away Student Angst" Chronicle of Higher Education, June 15, 2003, B5) and on making wiser personal decisions about taking mood-altering chemicals  ("Emotional Choices," Reason magazine, v. 35, no. 11, April 2004, p. 28-35).  She has also written about religious identity ("On Being 'Really Jewish'," Being Jewish magazine, Passover 2007/5767) and commemorative essays about her dissertation advisor, James W. Carey, including "The Meaning of Talk: Carey's Model of and for the University" and "Casting Spells: Carey as Teacher.".  

Dr. Jensen received her PhD in 1985 from the Institute of Communications Research at the University of Illinois.  She has been a faculty member at the University of Virginia (1984-1986) and at the University of Texas-Austin (1986-1991).  She joined the Faculty of Communication at the University of Tulsa in 1991.