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La Descente d'Orphée aux Enfers
by Marc-Antoine Charpentier
edited by John S. Powell
☼ = video of a recent performance by the Catacoustic Consort

Act 1, sc. 1
1.  Air and Chorus

2.  Dance entry of Nimphes

3.  Enone's and Artheuze's duet

     Dance entry of Nimphes (repeated)
4.  Euridice's Air
Act 1, sc. 2
5.  Euridice's Death
6.  Orpheus's Lament

7.  Dance entry of Despairing Nymphs
     and Shepherds
8.  Orpheus's Récit
9.  Apollo and Orpheus
10.Orpheus and Chorus
     Dance entry of Despairing Nymphs
     and Shepherds (repeated)
Act 2, sc. 1
11. Prelude and Trio
Act 2, sc. 2
12. Prelude
13. Orpheus's Air

14. Trio of Criminals

15. Orpheus's second Air

16. Chorus of Furies

17. The Phantoms
Act 2, sc. 3
18. Pluto's Récit

19. Orpheus's Air

20. Persephone's Récit

21. Chorus of Happy Shades, Criminals, and

22. Orpheus's Air (cont.)

23. Pluto's Air
24. Persephone's second Récit
25. Chorus of Happy Shade, Criminals, and
26. Orpheus's Air (cont.)
27. Pluto and Persephone
28. Chorus of Happy Shades Criminals, and

29. Orpheus's Air (cont.)
30. Pluto's Second Air

31. Orpheus's Récit
Act 2, sc. 4
32. Chorus of Happy Shades, Criminals, and

33. Dance entry of Phantoms

Introduction by John S. Powell

Jean Raoux
(c. 1718-1720)