Ships - Jamestown Settlement, Virginia - March 2007

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Approaching the ships

The Susan Constant, flagship of the fleet that first came to Jamestown.

The Susan Constant is a seagoing vessel, with her home port at Jamestown

The James estuary beyond the port takes about 20 minutes to cross by modern ferry.

The upper rigging

The Discovery was employed exploring the island and estuary.

The Goodspeed was the third part of the first fleet.  Unfortunately, it was closed to the public that day.

In the forepart of the Susan Constant below decks.  The niche to the right is a bunk.

A better view of the bunk. The opening is about 3 feet long.

Looking through an opening at the front of the lower deck.

The master of the vessel (in blue) on the main deck.

Another view of the master.

Luxurious dining facilities.

Which you can actually see if you have a flash attachment.

The guns and living quarters for passengers.

One of the re-enactors.

Looking down the gun at the Goodspeed.

The beams give only about 5 feet of clearance.

Looking down in the hold.

And looking up through the hatch.

The tiller runs practically through the captain's quarters.

This is about as far aft as you can get.

Guns everywhere.

The Susan Constant's bell

Nice shot of the estuary.

And another from the furthest point on the poop. (deck, I mean)

Another interpreter, in the captain's cabin.

Even the captain had pretty Spartan quarters.

He did, however, have a window by his bed.

Two sets of "apostles" (containers for gunpowder)

The captain's armor.

And his bed.

The master of the Discovery heading for his vessel.

The small gallery running around the stern of the Susan Constant.

More interpreters.

Unfortunately, it was a bitterly cold day, so by the water the ladies all stayed wrapped up.

The master of the Discovery at the steering stick.

A woman pirate re-enactor coming aboard (in wooden shoes, no less)

Who's the strange man in the gray coat?

She had a really great 18th c. pirate outfit.

The largish white thing is a canvas bag full of . . . Monmouth caps!

Prow of the Susan Constant.