Military Through the Ages - Jamestown Settlement, Virginia - March 2007

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Norse forge.

Lots of good stuff to look at in the Austlend camp.

Talk about your groaning boards: the crockery alone must have weighed sixty pounds.

A cooking pot made of plates riveted together, and the seams sealed with oatmeal (that's what the woman told me).

Archers from "Lord Gray's Retinue" (1470 English).

Pirate re-enactor.

Leeches at the surgeon's tent.

The surgeon had a nastily impressive display of tools.

Irish Republican Army chatting it up with members of the Battery M, Second United States Artillery (Yankees, in Virignia?)

Assorted 19th century types.

This fellow is a member of Das Teufels Alpdrucken Fahnlein (The Devil's Nightmare)

And they were seriously cool.

Ladies of "Lord Gray's Retinue" (1470 English), making lunch.

They're frying meat, roasting meat, and baking small pies all at once.

La Belle Compagnie's table . . . (1415)

 . . . and their lord's table.

Arming up.

Nice arming cotte.

Demonstration with wasters.

WWI Salvation Army unit passing out donuts to all and sundry.

US 51st Engineer Combat Battalion

Anglo Saxon camp from the Battle of Maldon, A.D. 991.

Nazis and tourists - a scary combination.  Infanterie Rgt.

1st US Rifle Rgt., War of 1812.

Anglo-Saxon rabbit cookery.

Virginia common soldier.

193-aya Strelkovaya, RKKA.  It was kind of spooky to watch them.  They never went anywhere except in formation - even the 10-year-old.

There's that weird guy in the gray coat again.  I heard he was re-enacting a 21st century American tourist. 

The Salvation Army lady knitting.

More Yankees

Still more Yankees.

A lady  with the 3rd (West) Cork Brigade Flying Column, Irish War of Independence.

Back to the Devil's Nightmar.

Trim little boat called the Gerfalcon.  Shame it had to stay in the lot.


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