Military Through the Ages - Jamestown Settlement, Virginia - March 2007

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A young revolutionary signing in at the gate

The back side of the display area.


More Jacobites

Still more Jacobites

Lots of crockery for sale

Approaching the Powhatan village.

Hate to say it, but theirs wasn't the most impressive display.

19th century ladies out shopping

The back side of the palisade.

19th century ladies again.

Tourists watching the Norse combat.

They were very pretty to watch.

The classic frontiersman with his classic 35mm camera.

Female pirate re-enactor.  Note she's wearing wooden shoes.

She had a really classy outfit.

A member of the group called "Lord Gray's Retinue" (1470 English)

A chicken re-enactor.  Apparently, coming by period plumage is a real trick.

One of the Jamestown men lighting a fire.

Inside the Jamestown armory.

A trayned bande of men.

The lad in the foreground is actually a lass. 

The lass had a really spiff quilted jerkin.

Gentlemen and others in the armory.

Another view of the armory.

A serious set of apostles (gunpowder containers)

Inside the church, at the altar rail.

Looking from the altar rail toward the door.

The governor's chair.

Really impressive timber construction.

Church bells.

English riflemen from the Napoleonic wars.

And a 17th century woman.

OK, so I've been watching a lot of Sharpe's Rifles lately.

Back to the trayned bande.  Note the fringed shields.

Bread making demonstration.

Period Easy-Bake oven.  Table top oven for bread baking.

Chicken re-enactor out for a stroll.

One of the kitchens.

Nifty embroidered coif.

Prep table and cooking hearth.

Laundry woman.

Another laundry woman.

The blacksmith's forge got a lot of foot traffic from the tourists.

Mostly because the blacksmith was a handsome young man.

From his shirt, I'd say he didn't have to do too much smithing that morning.

Laundry woman demonstrating a yoke and water bucket.

Another indoor kitchen.

With lots of supplies and equipment.

Knights Hospitaler.

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