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by Professor Geoffrey L. Price

If you're new to zeolites, see " What is a Zeolite? " narrative for a short introduction to zeolites.

Representative Structures

Listed below are a number of different zeolite structures in JPEG, virtual reality images (VRML), and SolidWorks formats. You can view the JPEG's easily with any browser, but the VRML files require a pluggin (see below) and the SolidWorks files would generally be downloaded and opened using SolidWorks software. Many other types of 3D modelling software support SolidWorks images as well. The VRML and SolidWorks files are 3D, while the JPEG's are 2D projections. These are stacked tetrahedral images which are constructed by drawing tetrahedra around the tetrahedrally coordinated Si or Al T-atoms, then adding spheres to depict the oxygen atoms which connect the Si and/or Al atoms. The actual diameter of the oxygen atoms is larger than depicted in these diagrams, but if they were drawn to actual dimensions, they would completely engulf the teterahedra, so we would lose the tetrahedral representation of the zeolites. Also, note that these images depict a small subset of the entire crytal which would extend in all dimensions.

If you would like to use any of these images on the internet or in published work, I am generally happy to grant persmission as long as they are properly credited to this website. Please e-mail me, price@utulsa.edu, to request permission.

IZA Framework Designation Descriptive Text JPEG Images VRML 3D Model SolidWorks 3D Model
Theta-1 Theta-1 Jpeg Image Theta-1 VRML Theta-1 SolidWorks
Beta-Polymorph A Beta-A Jpeg Image Beta-A VRML Beta-A SolidWorks
Beta-Polymorph B Beta-B Jpeg Image Beta-B VRML Beta-B SolidWorks
SUZ-4 SUZ-4 Jpeg Image SUZ-4 VRML SUZ-4 SolidWorks
Boggsite Boggsite Jpeg Image Boggsite VRML Boggsite SolidWorks
Mobil ZSM-11 ZSM-11 Jpeg Image ZSM-11 VRML ZSM-11 SolidWorks
Mobil ZSM-5 ZSM-5 Jpeg Image ZSM-5 VRML ZSM-5 SolidWorks
Mobil ZSM-23 ZSM-23 Jpeg Image ZSM-23 VRML ZSM-23 SolidWorks
Mobil ZSM-12 ZSM-12 Jpeg Image ZSM-12 VRML ZSM-12 SolidWorks
CIT-1 CIT-1 Jpeg Image CIT-1 VRML CIT-1 SolidWorks
EU-1 EU-1 Jpeg Image EU-1 VRML EU-1 SolidWorks
Faujasite (Zeolite Y) [1]

FAU Jpeg Image

FAU Supercage


FAU Supercage

FAU SolidWorks

FAU Supercage

Mobil ZSM-57 MFS Jpeg Image MFS VRML MFS SolidWorks
Linde Type A [1] LTA Jpeg Image LTA VRML LTA SolidWorks

[1] Thanks to Shane Stafford, an LSU student in ChE 4410 for these descriptions.

If you need a pluggin to view the VRML files, there are a couple of possibilities:

If you have a particular interest in another zeolite phase, and you would like me to include it, send me some e-mail (price@utulsa.edu), and I will consider adding it to my list. However, you might also like to try drawing it yourself by downloading STRUVIR, which I used to draw the VRML images. SolidWorks files were made by importing the VRML images into Solidworks and editing the files.

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