Texas Youth Day Duck Hunting Trip 1999

My brother, Jud, invited Jerry (12), Joey (9), and me to join him and his son, Jon (14), to hunt at his duck lease in Texas for the Texas Youth Day hunt which was held October 23, 1999. Only youth, 16 or younger, were allowed to carry guns.

We left Beaumont about 5 a.m., and drove to Jud's lease near Winnie, Texas. Jerry carried a pump 20 gauge, Joey had a single shot 20 gauge, and Jon carried an over-N-under 12 gauge. We hunted from blinds along a rice field.

We saw thousands of ducks, and we shot several. Some were down but got away.

Here's Joey with the five ducks we brought home, along with Jerry showing the colors of one of the Blue Wing Teal in the second picture. Joey is showing the single shot 20 gauge he took. Joey wounded some ducks, but didn't get any down to the ground.

Jon is showing a Green Wing teal below, and Jerry is holding the 20 gauge pump he used in the second picture below. Jon is a really good shot, and downed most of the ducks. Jerry shot great, but had some bad luck losing ducks that he downed, especially one BIG pintail we couldn't find. Jerry fell in the mud on the way home, and we had to work hard on the gun to get it clean (Jerry is much easier to wash).

Here's a picture of all three boys that went on the trip holding the five teal we brought home, along with David. David is just 7 years old, and didn't get to go on the hunt, but he was sure happy to get to see the ducks, and hold a shotgun in the second picture. David will be joining the group to hunt real soon!

You never know when we might make it over to Uncle Jud's house to go hunting again! Maybe the Dads will shoot all the ducks next time.

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