Price Family Fishing Trip

We drove down to Grande Isle, Louisiana twice during the summer of 1999. We fished off the pier in the state park. We were so busy catching fish, we often forgot to take pictures, but here are a few that we took.


Judy never stopped fishing. She caught all kinds of fish mostly on dead shrimp (she can't handle anything alive and is not patient enough to use a lure!). Here she is with an energetic redfish while David tries to decide if he can get the fish off the hook for her:


Joey was a big help tying knots and getting fish off the hooks. Here he is with a good sized speckled trout:


David caught the biggest specked trout of the day, and we were so excited, we forgot to take a picture of it, but here's Davey, fishin' away!:


Jerry kept getting his line tangled, but that didn't stop him from landing some good fish:


Mom found out she had a special talent for using a castnet:


Mom also caught some keepers:


I hope we go back soon!

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