Merry Christmas from the Price family!

We had a wonderful year in 2018. Our three sons, Jerry, Joey, and David, continue to be happy and healthy, and we love them dearly.

Jerry, our Washington University chemical engineer, just got engaged to Amber Thom, who he has been seeing for several years. Jerry is now in charge of refining in north america for Jacobs Consultancy in Houston. He travels a lot for business, but hopes to reduce the amount of travel time he spends. Amber has traveled with him some this year. She is a pediatric sonographer.

Joey was working in Houston for a couple of years, but moved back to Tulsa a couple of years ago. He is currently a mechanical engineer for Boyle Services. He likes to get into the field with his team of technicians and take care of boilers all around the area.

David is also a chemical engineer and he just moved from Jacobs Engineering to Jacobs Consultancy this year. He and his wife, Cayli, bought a house in Richmond, TX this year. Richmond is a suburb of Houston west of Sugarland. Cayli is a mechanical engineer working for Phillips 66 at the Sweeney Refinery.

Judy continues to help out the young men who have now graduated from Hale High School and their families and are trying to make their own way as adults. She drives them when they don't have rides and helps them with their finances, and encourages them to go to college or trade school.

Geof continues to teach, research, and manage the chemical engineering department at the University of Tulsa, but he has started making retirement plans which should come in a few years. This year, he led the department through a lengthy and successful re-accreditation process that comes up every 6 years, and told everyone in the department that this would be his last re-accreditation process.

If you would like to download the whole Price's Christmas 2018 digital Christmas card, use this link:


(You need WinZip to uncompress this file with the password. You can get a free version here: Download the version winzip90.exe for the free version). When you click on the link, choose to open the file with WinZip or you can save the zip file somewhere and open it later. Once you have the file open in WinZip, "Extract" the archive. You received a password for the file in the post or e-mail we sent you, and you will be prompted for that password. Be sure to pay attention to the case of the letters in the password. (If you don't have the password, you can contact us to get it.) Extract the file to a place on your computer where you want to add the folder such as C:\ or your desktop, or some place where you know where it is. A folder "Christmas2018" will be created. Open that folder and run "Christmas2018.exe" to see the entire card. This works on PC platform only!

We also want wish everyone the happiest New Year for 2018. God's blessings to all.