Dr. Dylan P. Brennan
Associate Professor of Physics and Engineering Physics
University of Tulsa
Office: KEP L161


The University of Tulsa

University of Manchester, Ph.D. Physics 2001
Columbia University, M.S. Applied Physics 1996
State University of New York at Binghamton, B.S. Physics 1991


Dr. Dylan P. Brennan is currently an Associate Professor of Physics and Engineering Physics at the University of Tulsa. He is actively involved in research into non-linear aspects of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) stability theory. The focus of this research is on the effects of extensions to MHD, such as energetic particles, flow shear, thermal anisotropy and two-fluid effects, on equilibrium, stability and transport. The context of this work is in analyses of magnetic confinement systems, such as experimental, solar and astrophysical plasmas, involving the development of analytic and computational theory to explain observations. Before coming to U. Tulsa, Dr. Brennan held a long term visiting collaborator position at General Atomics in the Theory and Computational Science Group, while employed as a staff Research Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His most important contribution at General Atomics was that he elucidated an onset mechanism for resistive MHD modes in tokamaks, which stems from the approach to the ideal stability boundary in equilibrium parameter space. Before this, he studied the physics of helicity injected low aspect ratio plasmas at the University of Manchester, England, where he developed analytic and numerical models of their ideal MHD equilibrium and stability. His work here explained the theoretical context of an instability ubiquitously observed in experimental data of helicity injected systems. While at Columbia University he worked on computation and modelling at the High Beta Tokamak Extended Pulse experiment and the Collisionless Terrella Experiment, with a focus on understanding the cross-field transport of electrons due to interchange instabilities in the terrella.

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Selected Journal Publications


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H.P. Warren, M. Mauel, D. Brennan, and S. Taormina, "Observations of Wave-Induced Chaotic Radial Transport in a Laboratory Terrella Experiment," Phys. Plasmas 3, 2143 (1996).

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