Trajan's Forum is here seen when open to the public.  It is now being restored and is closed.  Below are more scenes from around Rome.



The old entrance to Domitian's race track in the Campus Martius is now about 10 feet below ground level, showing what has happened to the topography of Rome in 2000 years.  The track now serves as the Paizza Navona.




This scene from the Roman Forum shows the Palace of Caligula in the background behind the "Three Sisters," remains of the Temple of Castor and Pollux.



We know that "all roads lead to Rome," and this milestone in the Forum is the place to which they all lead and from which the distances were measured.


Below is a picture of the Curia Julia, the meeting-place of the Roman Senate.  The building of the classical period was destroyed twice, and this is a late-classical restoration of the building.


The Golden House of Nero is open again, and is pictured below behind the cat.





Here a Roman bridge crossed the Tiber to the small island sacred to Asclepius, god of medicine (today site of a hospital!).  Apparently it had rained upstream before I took this picture.