Model for Reflective Reading in Private.

This model is one approach to personal or individual reflective meditation on a reading.  It is only a model and can be altered to fit your circumstances.


  1. Make yourself comfortable, but not too comfortable. (Set your shields, if applicable, to allow anything not overtly malevolent through, or, if you are someplace you feel safe, lower them altogether.)
  2. Invoke the aid of the Spirit who calls all Holy things into remembrance (John 14:26) and who prays for us (Romans 8:4).  Other appropriate material, such as a set prayer, a hymn text, song lyrics, or a poem may be used.  This is really to get you in an appropriately meditative frame of mind.
  3. Allow yourself to be present to your ongoing prayer concerns or to a recent experience leading to personal reflection. (in other words, access the mental files that contain your "to be prayed for" list or some Really Important (to you) incident that needs to be reflected on. Leave that file open).
  4. Read the text selected slowly. If possible, try to hear the words as they would sound spoken.
  5. Allow a word or phrase to capture your attention. Try not to force a choice. You might like to write down your choice.
  6. Reflect briefly, without extensive analysis, on why that word or phrase caught your attention.
  7. Read the text again.
  8. Consider the following: "What does this text touch upon in my life today." Do not feel bound to the original word or phrase that came to you. The second reading may well take you in another direction.
  9. Write down your thoughts from the preceeding step, and sit quietly for a while and allow your reflection to take its own course.
  10. Consider the following: "From what I've read, and from the content of my reflection, what opportunities, if any, are present for me today, at this moment? Realistically, is this an opportunity to change, to grow?"
  11. Pray for the grace to make a response in freedom to the direction or focus of your reflection.
  12. Close with a prayer (such as the Lord's prayer, something of thanksgiving, or dedication).