Saddle Notes (as of 19 January 2002)

The last time I did a bibliography for this project, I put it here. Please remember that I haven't actually worked on this project in about 4 years.  I can't find the actual documentation for the leather piece and the stirrups, but I'm looking for tmem now

saddle.gif (7799 bytes) A section of a saddle found in York.  If you will notice the holes, these suggest the rawhide thonging attachment of some Mexican packsaddles I've seen. (Hall, Richard. The Viking Dig.1984)

Saddle1.gif (9100 bytes) A section of leather, also from York. Presumed to be from a saddle.

saddlea.gif (3552 bytes)

Saddle3.gif (2096 bytes)Some ideas for stirrups, loosely based on on some Saxon stirrups.

Saddle4.gif (5355 bytes) Total idea for assembly.  I was actually planning to try a pillow instead for the seat.   The thing under the wooden frame is planned to be a thick pad.

saddle1.jpg (19221 bytes)

saddle2.jpg (18375 bytes)