I soaked the leather pic3f.jpg (8037 bytes)
pic4f.jpg (37154 bytes) I embossed a flower design into several pieces.  These three I set aside to dry naturally
pic5f.jpg (16679 bytes) A better shot of the flower embossing
These four I soaked and was getting ready to bake them. The lighter brown piece second from the left is a regular v-t piece, also embossed the same technique. pic6f.jpg (35246 bytes)
pic7f.jpg (36515 bytes)  See?
pic8f.jpg (16902 bytes)
pic9f.jpg (28590 bytes) This is the baked, embossed piece of pit tanned.  It doesn't bend at all.
The baked embossed v-t, it bends a little. pic10f.jpg (30105 bytes)
pic11f.jpg (21200 bytes) These are the dried naturally
Note the difference. pic12f.jpg (27422 bytes)