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1850 - 7th United States Census - Mississippi

Dwelling 390/Family 425 Carroll Co. Southern Twp.,  p. 222 [IMC]

William Lagrow 42 m South Carolina Farmer 1100 1808
Andrew Lagrow 33 m Tennessee Laborer 1817
Elizabeth Lagrow 31 f Tennessee 1819
Jacob Lagrow 29 m Tennessee Laborer 1821
James Lagrow 24 m Tennessee Laborer 1826
Frances Lagrow 19 f Tennessee 1831
David Lagrow 17 m Tennessee Laborer 1833

Dwelling 392/Family 427 Carroll Co. Southern Twp.,  p. 223 [IMC]

William Lagron 27 m Tennessee Manager 1823

Dwelling 494/Family 494 Chickasaw Co., Eastern Twp. p.335 [IMC]

Adam LaGrone 47 m South Carolina Farmer 1803
Rachel 40 f Georgia 1810
Mary A. 21 f Alabama 1829
Adam 19 m Alabama Student 1831
George 17 m Alabama Student 1833
William 14 m Mississippi 1836
Martha 7 f Mississippi 1843
Lewis 5 m Mississippi 1845
Augusta 2 f Mississippi 1848
Frances White 88 m Germany Blksmith
Wilie Alexander 2 m Mississipi

Dwelling 495/Family 495 Chickasaw Co., Eastern Twp. p.335 [IMC]

Jacob A. Lagrone 24 m South Carolina Farmer 1826
Elizabeth 23 f Tennessee 1827
Ellen E. 1 f Mississippi 1849

Dwelling 486/Family 486 Monroe Co., Western Twp. p.97 [IMC]

William H. Lagrone 26 m Alabama Overseer(?) 1824

Dwelling 508/Family 508 Noxubee Co., No Twp Listed. p.226 [IMC]

David Lagrone 57 m South Carolina Planter 3000 1793
Christina 50 f South Carolina 1800
Adam 28 m South Carolina Planter 1822
Nicholas 22 m Alabama 1828
David 19 m Alabama 1831
Caroline 15 f Alabama 1835

1850 Census Index, Slave Schedule

p. 875 David. Legrone 1 Age 40 Male Black
2 Age 40 Male Black
3 Age 36 Male Black Green?  (Green Leggroan)
4 Age 26 Male Black
5 Age 24 Male Black
6 Age 24 Male Black
7 Age 13 Male Black
8 Age 9 Male Black Ned?
9 Age 8 Male Black
10 Age 7 Male Black
11 Age 5 Male Black
12 Age 3 Male Black
13 Age 40 Female Black
14 Age 30 Female Black Hatty?
15 Age 12 Female Black
16 Age 10 Female Black
17 Age 6 Female Black Amanda?

Dwelling 509/Family 509 Noxubee Co., No Twp Listed. p.226 [IMC]

William Lagrone 33 m South Carolina Planter 600 1817
Susan 30 f Tennessee 1820
Nancy A. 10 f Mississippi 1840

Dwelling 511/Family 511 Noxubee Co., No Twp Listed. p.226 [IMC]

Jesse Lagrone 31 m South Carolina Planter 200 1819
Lucindy 25 f Alabama 1825
Wesley 9 m Mississippi 1841
Christina 4 f Mississippi 1846

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