(aka Vernal Equinox; Eostre; Ostarun; Mean Earrach;  Lady Day)

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End of Winter, and the beginning of Summer, the "Season of the Sun's Ascendance". Rebirth of the God of Spring.  Rebirth of Life as symbolized by Spring.  This is the Spring Equinox.

Ostara is a holiday recognized by many neoPagan and Wiccan groups, though not all. For example, the original Gardnerian rituals had no place for an Equinox Ritual. I don't have a clue when the name began to be used by modern Pagans. It is one of the four "Lesser Sabbats".

Ostara is pronounced "o-STAHR-uh."  Eostre is pronounced "OHS-truh" or "EST-truh".

Eostar-monath is the name given to the spring month of the Anglo-Saxon year, and is not Celtic. Eostre is generally believed to be the Saxon name for a maiden Spring Goddess.