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Cut bushes to hedge, fence meadow and redge.
maids little and great pick clean seed wheat;
Glails lustily thwack less plough-seed lack;
Lay dry up and round, for barley, thy ground;
Who soweth in rain hath weed for his pain;
Keep crows, good son, see fencing be done.
Where water doth stand sow pease or dredge;
Fat pease-fed swine for drover is fine.
Ciss, have an eye to boar in stye;
Friend, ringle thy hog for fear of a dog.
Now gather up fruit of every suit;
Make verjuice and perry, sow kernell and berry;
Of verjuice be sure, poor cattle to cure(1)

Ploughing and planting of the winter's wheat and rye. Start fattening the urplus cattle and swine.
1Sanctorum Remegii (2)(3)(4)(5)(7) et Germani episcoporum(2)(3)(4)(7) (Translation of Remegius, Bishop of Rheims (c530)); et Vedasti(3)(4)(5); Bavo(10) ; Mylor; Theresa of Lisieux
2Sancti Leodegari episcopi et martiris(2)(5)(9) (Leodegar); Eleutherii(7); Quirilli(7); Primi(7); Guardian Angels; Legor; Thomas of Hereford.
3Sancti Leodegari(3)(4)(7) (Leodegar) martyris; Marci(5) et Marcelliani(5); Felicis(7); Hewalds; dies mala
4Sancti Marcelli episcopi(3)(4); Sancti Francissi confessoris(2)(9) (Francis of Assisi); dies egyptiacus(4)
5Sancti Cristini martiris(3)(4)(5)(7); Sauinie(7); Maurus and Placid
6Sancti Fidis virginis et martyris(2)(7) (Faith); Sacti Marci pape(3); Bruno
7Sancti Marci pape(4)(5)(7); Marci Sergii/Marcelli(4) et Bachi et Epuleii(2)/Apulei(4); Helen/Helan of Cornwall, Priest; Osith
8Ricardii(4)/Richari confessoris(5); Iwe/Iwi(5) confessoris (Ives; Faustini(5); Keyne; Triduana
9Sanctorum Dionis(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(10) (Denys/Dennis), Rustici(3)(4)(5)(7), Eleutheri(3)(4)(5)(7), et Richari(3).; Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln (1253); John Leonardi
10Sancti Geronis sociorumque eius martyrum(2)(10) (Geron); Sancti Eusebii(3)(4) et Sancti Paulini(3)(4)(5)(7) (Paulinus of York) archiepiscopi; Sancti Nigasii sociorumque eius martyrum(2); Canice; Francis Borgia (1572)
11Depostio Sancte Aethelburh(4)(5)/Aethelburge(7)/Ethelburga
12Geugul(10); Uuilfrithi(7) (Wilfrid); Edwin
13Sancti Anastasii episcopi(3)(4)(5); Translacio Sancti Edwardi regis(2)(6) (Edward the Confessor); Sancti Wilfrid(4), episcopi; Giraldi(7) (Geral of Aurillac); Comgan
14Sancti Kalixti/Calesti pape et martyris(2)(3)(4)(5)(7) (Callistus); Furtunati(5); Luciani(7); Iusti(7); Donatai(10); Burchard; Manacca; Selevan
15Sancti Wulfram episcopi et confessoris(2)(10) (Wolfram); Furtunati(7); Albert; Tecla; Theresa of Avila
16Sancti Michaelis in monte tumba(2); Sancti Mummolini(3); Passio cc lxx martirum(3)(4); Luciani(5); Maximiani(5); Alexandrini(7); Gall; Hedwig; Lul; Gerard Majella; Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley, Bishops (1555); Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury (1556)
17Translactio Sancte Aedeldrythe(5) virginis (Ethelred); Sancti Florenci episcopi(3); Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch and Martyr c115); Sanctorum Marii et Marthe (31); Ethelbricht; Ethelreda; Nothelm; Rule
18Sancti Luce euangeliste(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(10) (Luke the Evangelist) et Sanctorum Iusti(3)(4) et Iusiniane(3)(4); Justus of Beavaisl; John of Bridlington; Gwen of Cornwall.
19Januarii(7); Proculi(7); Jean de Brebeuf; Isaac Jogues; Ethbin; Frideswide; Paul of the Cross; Peter of Alcantara
20Neoti presbyteri(5); Acca
21Ursula; Sanctarum undecim milia virginium(2)(10) (Feast of the 11,000 Virgins); Sancti Hilarionis achorite(3)(4)(5)(7) (Hilarion); Fintan Munnu; Tuda
22Sancti Marci episcopi(2); Flauiani(4)(5); Philippi/Filippi(5)(7); Eusebii(7); Donatus; Mellon
23Sancti Romani episcopi et confessoris(2) (Romanus); James of Jerusalem, Brother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Martyr (c62); Sanctorum Marci(4) Crisanti(4) et Darie(4); Thodorici martiris(5); Seueri(7); Longini(7); Ethelfleda
24Sanctorum Conciliorum et aliorum mille(4); Felicis(5); Audacti(5); Maglorius
25Sanctorum Crispini(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(10) et Crispiniani(2)(3)(4)(5)(7) (Crispin and Crispian); Maglorii(7); Bartholomai translatio(7); [40 martyrs of England and Wales were placed here in 1970 by Pope for those killed in the English Reformation]
26Natale Sancti Amandi(3)(4) episcopi; Eadfridi confessoris(5); Alfred the Great, King of Wessex (899); Bean; Cedd; Eata
27Gagi(7); Odran; Vigilia(3)(4)(5)(7)(10)
28Natale apostolorum Simonis(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(10) et Iude(3)(4)(5)(7)(10) (Nativity of Simon and Jude, Apostles); Salvius(6) (The Hermit (6th C))
29Sancti Narcissi(2) episcopi; Iacinti(5); Quinti(7); Feliciani(7); Colman of Kilmacduagh; Merewenna;
[Do not confuse with Death of the King]
30Sancte Maxime(4) et Nicomedis(4); Maximiani(5); Januarii(7)
[Do not confuse with "Cabbage Night", "Hell Night", "Devil's Night", "Mischief Night"; First night of Trenae Shamhna/Trinoxsamo/Trinoxes; Samanos, the First night of Shamna]
31(All Hallows Eve; Hallowmass Eve; Halloween)Sancti Qintini confessoris(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(10) (Quentin); Begu; Erc; Foillan; Vigilia(7)
[Do not confuse with Samhain, Shamna, All Soul's, Feast of Mongfind, Summer's End, Feast of the Dead; Wiccan New Year, Second night of Shamna; Oidhche Shamhna, La Samhna Nos Galen-gaeof (Night of the Winter Calends), Sauin or Souney, "the Day Between Years"; , November Eve, Oidhche na h-aimloise (Night of mischief); Fleadh nan Mairbh (Feast of the Dead); La Toussaint; El Dia de los Muertos;Apple and Candle Night (Swansea, Wales); Bob Apple Night; Duck Apple Night; Dookie Apple Night; Crab Apple Night; Thump-the-Door Night (Isle of Man); Trick or Treat Night; Nutcrack Night]

1st Sunday in October (Blessing of the fishing nets)
Mid October (Blessing of the fishing harvest)

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