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At Phillip and Jacob, away with the lambs;
That thinkest to any milk of their dams;
At Lammas leave milking, for fear of a thing,
Lest (requiem seternam) in winter they sing.
To milk and to fold them, is much to require,
Except ye have pasture to fill their desire;
Yet many by milking (such heed do they take)
Not hurting their bodies, much profit do make.
Five ewes allow to every cow, make a proof by a score,
Shall double thy dairym or trust me no more:
Yet may a good huswife that knoweth the skill,
Have mixt or unmixt, at her pleasure and will.
Be sure thy neat have water and meat;
From bull, cow fast, till Crouchmas be past;
From hiefer bull bid thee till Lammas bid thee,
Leave cropping from May to Michaelmas-day.
Thy brake go and sow where barley did grow;
The next crop wheat is husbandry neat.
Fine basil sow in a pot to grow;
Watch bees in May for swarming away.(1)

The first month of Summer.
1Apostolorum Philippi et Iacobi(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13) fratris domini(7) (Philip and James, Apostles, Brothers of the Lord); Asaph; Brioc; Corentin; Marcoul [May Day or Beltane/Beltine/Beltaine/Bealtaine, "Behl's Fires", ; Calan Mai "the Kalends of Mai", Cet-soman/Cet Somain "First day of Summer", "Summer's Beginning"; Cyntefyn; Roodmas]
2Sancti Athanasii episcopi(2)(4) (Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria (373)); Germani(7); Saturnini(7); Caelestini(7); Gennis
3Inuentio Sancte Crucis(3)(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13) (Finding or Discovery of the Holy Cross, Holy Rood Day in May, Crouchmass); Sancti Blasii episcopi et martyris(2); Alexandri(4)(7)(11)(12)(13); Eventii(7)(11)(12)(13); Theodoli(7); Glywys [Beltane day]
4Sancti Quiriaci episcopie et martyris(2); Monnica, Mother of Augustine of Hippo (387); dies egyptiacus(4); Ultima incensio lune xx rogationum(5)
5Sancti Hillarii episcopi; Hydroc; Ascensio domini ad celos(3)(4)(7); i incensio lune pentecostes i ascentio(5) [Some people assume this is the date of "Old Beltane"]
6Sancti Iohannis(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13) apostoli et euangeliste, ante portam latinam (John the Evangelist at Port Latin); Edbert
7Brittania; Sancte Iohannis on beuerlic, episcopi(3)(5)(11)(12)(13) (John of Beverly/bEVERLACO (721)); Inuuentio clauorum(4); Augustini(7); Marcellini(7); Placidi(7)
8Sancti Victoris martiris(3)(4)(5)(7) (Victor); Martini(7); Peter of Tarrantaise (8); Indract; Odger; Wiru; Dame Julian of Norwich (c.1417)
["Furry Day" (Helston, England) - Battle between St. Michael and Satan]
9Translatio Sancti Andree apostoli(5) (Translation of St Andrew); Gregory of Nazianzus(6), Bishop of Constantinople (389); Translatio Sancti Nicolai(11); Aestas inicium/Aestas oritur(5)/initium habet dies xc(3)/xci(4)/Aestas habet dies(7)/Aestatis initium(32) (Summer begins)
10Sanctorum Gordiani(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13)/Gurdiani(2)(3) et Epimachi(2)(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13) (Gordian and Epimachus/Epimache); Cirilli(3)(7) et Petri(3); Septimi(7); Cateld; Conleth
11Sancti Mamerti episcopi(5); Dedicatio Ecclesiae Herford(13); Victoris martyris; Comgall; Credan; Tudy
12Sanctorum Nerei(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13); Achillei(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13); Pancrati(3)(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13) (Nerius/Nere. Achilleus/Achille and Pancras of Rome); Ethelhard; Fremund [Some people assume this is the date of "Old Beltane"; Garland Day in some parts of Dorset; Opening of fishing]
13Dedicatio basilice Sancte Marie(3) (Dedication of St. Mary Major in Rome); Dedicatio aecclesiae sanctae Mariae(7)
["Garland Day" (Abbotsbury, Dorset)]
14Sancti Uictoris(4)(7); Sancti Bonefatii martyris(4); Machuti cum ccciiii martirbus(5) (Machuti and 304 martyrs); Quarti et cccciiii martirum(7)
15Translatio S Ceddae(11); Berchtun; Dympna; Pachomius; Primum/i Pentacostum(3)(5)(7) 
16Sancte Eugenia virginis(3)(5); Aquilini Eraclei(7); Sancti Marci euangeliste(4); Ferreolus (8) et Ferrutio (8); Brendan the Navigator; Carantoc; Peregrine of Auxere; Simon Stock (1265)
17Madron; Sancte Potentiane(4) virginus; Sancti Dunstani archiepiscopi(4)
18Sancti Maurici(3)(7); Elgiva; John I
19Sancte Potenciane virginis(3)(5)(7)(11); Sancti Dunstani archiepiscopi(2)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13) Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury (988)); Pudentania ; Peter Celestine (Celestine I)
20Sancti Aethelberhti martyris(5)(13) (Ethelbert of East Anglia); Nicomedis(5); Basilli(7); Victorii(7); Basilissae(7); Alcuin, Deacon and Abbot of Tours (804); Bernardino of Siena
21Collin; Godric; Sancte Mathei apostoli(3)
22Faustini(7); Uenustri(7); Casti(7); Helene virginis/Elen Luyddog (Helen of Carnavon)
23William of Rochester; Petrocii confessoris(5)
24David of Scotland; Aestas Intrat(3) (Summer Begins); Aestas Oritur(4)(5)(7); Ultima xxi lune rogationum(5)
26Sancti Urbani episcopi(3)(4)(7)(11)(12)(13) et martyri(2)(5) (Urban (230)); Adhelmi(4)(11)(13), episcopi (Aldhelm, Bishop and Martyr); Haemma, abbas(5); Desiderii(7); Gregory VII/Hildebrand (1085); dies egyptiacus(4)
27Sancti Agustini primi Anglorum archiepiscopi(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13) (Austin/Augustine, 1st ArchBishop of Canturbury, 605); Bede presbiteri(5)(12) (Bede, the Venerable, Priest and Monk of Jarrow (735)); Philip Neri; Priscus
28Germani episcopi(5) et confessorius(7)
29Sancti Germani confessoris(3)(4)(11)(12) episcopi (Germain)
30Sancti Maximi episcopi(4); Felicis martiris et pape(5); Alexander
["Garland Day"/Shick-Shack day (Castleton, Derbyshire)]
31Sancti Felicis(4)(7) pape et martyris; Felicitatis martiris(5); Hubert; Joan of Arc (14??/1920)
Sancte Petronelle virginis(3)(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13) (Purnel/Petronilla "daughter of Peter").

Whitsunday frequently occurs around the 15th, and is sometimes referred to as Beltane Day. 

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