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Provide of thine own, to have all things at hand;
Less work and the workman, unoccupied, stand.
Make dry over-head both hovel and shack.
Wash sheep (for the better) where water doth run;
Let him go cleanly, and dry in the sun.
Thy houses and and barns would be looked upon;
And all things a[...]ed, ere harvest come on.
At midsummer, down with the brambles and brakes;
And after, abroad, with thy forks and thy rakes;
Set movers a mowing, where meadow is grown;
The longer now standing, the worse to be mown.(1)

Month of Sheepshearing. If last year's harvest was been poor, things start getting a bit unpleasant now. The Hay harvest begins after St. John's Day.
1Sancti Nicommedis, martyris(2)(3)(4)(5)(7) (Nicomedes/Nichomede the Martyr); Tecle virginis(4); Gwen of Brittany; Justin, Martyr at Rome (c.167); Ronan; Whyte; Wistan
2Sanctorum Marcellini(2)(4)(5)(7) et Petri(2)(4)(5)(7) (Marcelin/Marcellinus and Peter, Martyrs of Rome (304)); Erasmi(5) (Erasmus (c300)); The Martyrs of Lyons (177); Oda
3Sancti Thomae apostoli(7); Sancti Herasmi(7) (Erasmus); Genesius of Clermont; Kevin; Ultima incentio iii lune pentecostes(5)
4Sanct Petroci confessoris (Petroc); Edfrith; Ninnoc; Ultima ascensio domini(5); Initium Mensis Desii Secundum Grecos(7)
5Sancte Bonifacii(3) sociorum eius martyrim(2)(Boniface, Archbishop of Mainz, Missionary to Germany, Martyr (754))/Bonefatii(4)(7), archiepiscopi/Bonefatii martiris et pape(5); Apollonaris martiris(5)
6Furtuna(5); Audomari(5); Amanti episcopi(7); Luci(7); Gudwal; Jarlath; Norbert; Sanctorum Marii et Marthe (E)
7Translacio Audomari(3)(4); Juliani(4); Pauli(5); Fursei(5); Meriasek; Robert of Newminster; dies mala
8Sancti Medardi(4)(5)(7), episcopi et confessoris (Medard); Gildardi(5) (Gildard); William of York
9Sanctorum Primi(4)(5)(7) et Feliciani(3)(4)(5)(7) (Primus and Felician); Columba/Collumcille/Collumcylle(5) (Abbot of Iona (597))
10Sancti Barnabe(3)(4); Translation of Brigit of Ireland(6); Ithamar
11Sancti Barnabi apostoli(2)(5) (Barnabas the Apostle); Translation of Gregory of Nazianzus(6)
12Sanctorum Basilidis(2)(3)(4)(5)(7), Quirinus/Cirini(2)(3)(4)(5)(7), Naboris(2)(3)(4)(5)(7) et Nazarii(3)(4)(5)(7) (Basilides, Cyrinus, Nabor, Nazarius); Eskil, Leo II, Odulf
13Sancti Luciani(4); Bartholomei apostoli(7); Faliculae(7); Anthony of Padua;Ultima Pentacostum(3)(4)(5)
14Sancti Basilii episcopie et confessoris(2) (6)(Basil the Great, Bishop of Caesarea (379)); Sanctorum Rufini(4) et Ualerii(4) et Anniani(4)(5) eposcopi; Helisei prophetae(7); Dogmael
15Sancti Viti martiris(3)(4)(5)(7); Modestii(2)(4)(5) et Crescentia(5) (Vitus and companions); Sancte Eadburge/Eadburgh(4) virginis; Clementis(7); Crisogoni(7); Trillo
16Translacio Sancti Ricardi episcopi(2); Cirici(4)(5)/Cyriac/Cyricus; Ismael; Iulitte(4)/Iuliani(5) cum xl milia(5) (with 40 soldiers)
17Sancti Botulfi episcopi/confessorius(5) (Botulf); Adulf; Briavel; Moling; Nectan
18Sanctorum Marci(3)(4)(5)(7) et Marcelliani(3)(4)(5)(7) (Mark and Marcellian); Ephraem/Ephram (of Edessa, Syria, Deacon (373))
19Sanctorum Gervasi(2)(3)(5)(7) et Protasii(2)(3)(5)(7) (Gervase and Protase); Nazari(7); Juliani Falconieri; Romuald
20Sancti Albanis martyris (Alban, 1st Martyr of Britain (304) according to some sources); Translatio Sancti Eaduueardi martyris(6) (Translation of St. Edward the Martyr); Govan; Solsticium(3)(4); Solstitium secundum grecos (Second solstice according to the Greeks)(5); dies egyptiacus(4)
21Solsticium (Summer Solstice or Midsummer); Sancte Leofredi(5) abbatis/episcopi et confessoris (Leufred); Mewan
[Lissa/Litha; Lady Day]
[Summer Solstice - Modern]
22Natale Apostolotum Iacabi(3)(4) (Birth of the Apostle James); et Sancti Albanis/Albani martyris(2)(3)(4)(7) (Alban, 1st Martyr of Britain (304)); Acacius; Paulinus of Nola; John Fisher and Thomas More
23Aeželreše(4)(5)(7)/Ethelreda virginis; Vilgilia(3)(4)(7)/Uigilia Iohannis(5); Sancti Albanis martyris (Alban, 1st Martyr of Britain (304)); Cyneburg;
[Midsummer's Eve; St. John's Eve]
24Sancti Iohannis baptistae(2)(3)(4)(5)(7) (The Nativity of John the Baptist; Midsummer; St. John's Day); Bartholomew of Farne; Solstitium secundum romanos (Second solstice according to the Romans)(5); Solstitium(7)(32) (Summer Solstice)
25Lucianae(7); Adalbart
26Sanctorum Iohannis(2)(3)(4)(5)(7) et Pauli(2)(3)(4)(5)(7) martyrum (John and Paul), et Sancti Saluii(4)(5)(6) (Salvius of Valenciennes (c.768))
27Sancti Florentini martyris; Cyril of Alexandria; Zoilus; Sancte Somphrose/Simforose cum vii filiis(4)(5)
28Sancti Leonis pape(2)(3)(4)(5) (Leo, Pope and Confessor); Gordiani(7); Vigilia(3)(5)(7); Irenaeus, B.of Lyons, (c.202); Austell
29Natali apostolorum Petri(2)(3) at Pauli(2)(3) (The Nativity of Peter and Paul, Apostles); Passio apostolorum Petri(4)(5)(7) at Pauli(4)(5)(7) (The passion of Peter and Paul, Apostles); Elwin; Judith and Salome
30Sancti Pauli(2)(3)(4)(5)(7) (Paul); Leonis(7); Albini(7); Theobald of Provins; the Martyrs of Rome

Late June ("Bawming the Thorn Day" (Appleton, Cheshire, England))


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