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Now weather is hard, get much out of yard;
Now season is good to lop or fell wood.
Bid Christmas adieu, thy stock now renew;
From Christmas to May weak cattle decay;
With verjuice acquaint poor bullock so faint;
Warm barth give lambs, good food to their dams;
Keep sheep out of briars, keep beast out of miers;
Calf large and lean is best to wean;
Sow, ready to fare, craves huswife's care.
Who now sows oats gets gold and groats.
Set garden pease and beans if you please;
Sow kernals to bear of apple and pear;
Peach, plum-tree, and cherry, young bay and his herry;
Now set or remove such stocks as ye love.
Plough Monday, next after that Twelfthtide is past,
Bids out with the plough, the worst husband is last.
If ploughman get hatchet or whip to the screen,
Maids loseth their cock if no water be seen.(1)

A month of Leisure? Maintenance and repair of buildings, hedging and ditching around fields.

1Circumcisio Domini Nostri Ihesu Christi(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13) (The Circumcision, or The Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ); Odilo(6) (1049)
[New Years Day]  [7th Day of Christmas] 
2Sancti Macharii abbatis(7) (Macarius, Abbot (c4th C)); Isidori, episcopi(5)(7); Munchin(6) (7th Century); Sancti Sindani(4) episcopi; dies egyptiacus(4)   [8th Day of Christmas]
3Sancte Genovefe(4)(5)(6)(7) virginis (Genevieve); Sancti Antheri(4) pape   [9th Day of Christmas]
4Roger of Ellant (1160); Sancte Hermetis(4)    [10th Day of Christmas]
5Sancti Symeonis(4)(6)(7) monachi qui in colmna stetit (Simon Stylites); Edward the Confessor(6) (11)(12) [original date of his death]; Uigilia(4) [11th Day of Christmas]
6 Epifania domini(5)(9) (11)(12)(13) nostri(2)(3)(4) Ihesu Christi(7)(The Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ; Epiphany; Twelfthday); Peter of Canterbury(6), Abbot (607)
[Haxey Hood Game (Haxey, England)][12th Day of Christmas]
7Brannoc(6); Kentigerna(6) (733); Sancti Luciani presbyteri(4) (Lucian); Translatio Wilhelmi(12)
8(Saint Julien's Day); Sancti Timothei martiris(3)(4) (Timothy, Apostle and Martyr); Sancti Inciani sociorum eius martyrum(2); Nathalan(6) (c678); Pega(6) (719); Wulsin(6) (1002); Luciani(11)
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11Sancti Salui(4)
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14Natali Sancti Felicis in pincis confessoris(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(9) (11)(12)(13) (Nativity of Felix of Nola)
15Sancti Mauri abbatis(2)(5)(6)(9) (11)(12)(13) (Maure); Calesti pape(5); Ceolwulf(6) (764); Ita/Ide(6) (c570)
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20Sanctorum Sebastiani(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(9) (11)(12)(13) et Fabiani(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(9) (11)(12)(13) (Sebastian and Fabian, Martyrs (250)); Fechin(6)/Vigean/Virgin (665)
21Sancte Agnetis virginis et martyris(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7) (11)(12)(13) (Annice/Agnes, Martyr at Rome (304))
22Sancti Vincencii(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(9)(11)(12)(13) martiris et Anastasii(3)(4)(6)(7) (Vincent, Deacon of Saragossa and Martyr (304) and Anastasius); Sancti Timothei martiris(6) (Timothy, Apostle and Martyr (traditional day of his death (97)); Berhtwald/Brihtwald(6) (Bishop of Ramsbury (1045))
23Sancte Emerentiane virginis(4)(5)(9)(12) (Eremantiana); Raymond of Pennefort(6) (1275)
24Sancti Babilli episcopi(3)(5)(6)(7)(12) et trium puerorum(3)(4)(6)(7) (Babylas, Bishop of Antioch and Martyr and Urbanus, Prilidianus, Epolonius, three young boys, Martyrs (c.250)); Translatio Sancti Hiurmni Confessoris; Sancti Timothei martiris (Timothy, Apostle and Martyr); Cadoc of Scotland(6); Sancti Sauine(4)
25Conuersio Pauli (4)(5)(6)(7)(9)(11)(12)(13) in damasco(3) (The Conversion of Paul the Apostle on the Road to Damascus); Dwyn; Praejectus/Projecti martyris(11)(12)(13); dies egyptiacus(4)(9)
26Sancti Policarpi(5)(12) episcopi (Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr of Smyrna (156)); Conversio Sancti Pauli(2) (13)(Conversion of Paul); Alberic(6) (1109); Sancte Batildis regina et virginis(6) (Batilde the Queen); Conan(6) (648); Paula(6)(7) (404); Dormitio(7); Timothy and Titus, Companions of Paul
27Sancti Saturnini(4)(5) et aliorum(3) (Saturninus and others)/cum xxxv martiribus(5); Angela Merici(6) (1540); Sancte Juliani virginis(4); Sancti Juliani episcopi et confessoris(2)(11)(12)(13) (Julian of Le Mans); Johannis(13)(Translation of John Chrysostom, Bishop of Constantinople(6) (407)); Paulaie(13); Festivitas reliquiarum(9) (Festival of the Relics)
28Octobas Agnetis(3)(4)(6)(7) (11)(12)(13) (Birthday of Agnes); Sancte Agnetis secunde(2) (11)(12)(13); Sabine virginis(5); John the Sage(6) (11th C)
29Sancte Sauine(3), virginis, et Sancti Gilde(3)(4)(5)(7) sapientis (Gildas); Julian the Hospitaller(6); Francis of Sales (1622)
30Sancti Ypoliti(3)(4), martiris, cum sociis suis (Hippolytus, Martyr and his companions); Aldegunde virginis(4)(7); Sancte Batildis regina et virginis(2)(5)(6)(11)(12)(13) (Batilde the Queen); Sanctie Mathie episcopi et confessoris
31Maedoc(6)/Aedh/Aiden of Ferns
[February Eve; Imbolc/Oimelc Eve; Brigid Eve]

First Sunday after 6 January ("Plough Sunday")
First Monday after Plough Sunday ("Plough Monday")


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