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Let Christmas spy yard clean to lie.
Leave off tittle tattle and look to they cattle;
At Christmas is good to let thy horse blood;
House cow that is old while winter doth hold.
Rid garden of mallow, plant willow and sallow;
Set now as they come both cherry and plum;
Hide strawberries, wife, to save their life.
Feed doves but kill not, if 'stroy them, ye will not.
Go look to thy bees from danger of famine ye save them.
For wife, fruit buy, for Christmas pie.
Go look to thy bees, if the hive be too light
Set water and honey, with rosemary dight;
Which set in a ditch full of sticks in the hive,
From danger of famine ye save them alive.
At Christmas we banquet, the rich and the poor,
Who then (but the miser) but openeth his door?(1)

Not a real big month, agriculturally speaking.
1Sancti Elegi(3)(4) et Sancte Candide(3)(4)(5)(7); Eloi; Tudwal
2Sancte Viviane(3)(4) i embolismus(3)(4)
3Sancti Birini episcopi(3)(4)(5) (Birinus); Claudii(7); Felicis(7); Francis Xavier (1551)
4Sancti Barbare (3)(Barbara); Sancte Barnabe(4); Translatio Sancti Benedicti abbbatis(5) (Benedict); John of Damascus; Osmund; iiii embolismus(3)(4)(7)
5Sanctorum Humiles(4) et Felicis(4)(7); Delfini(7); Trofimi(7); Clement of Alexandria; Christina of Markate; Justinian
6Sancti Nicholai episcopi et confessoris(2)(5)(7) (Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, (c342))
7Ambrose, Bishop of Milan (397); Diuma
8Concepcio Sancte Marie Virginis(2) (Feast of the Conception of Our Lady). Sancti Euticiane(3)/Eutiani(4) episcopi; Eusebii(7); Successi(7); Budoc
10Sancti Miliade(3)/Melliciade(4) pape; Eulalie(3)(4)(5)(7) virginis (Eulalia); Victuri(7)
11Sancti Damasei/Damasi(3)(4)(7) pape (Damascus (384))
12Sancte Eulalie(4); Donati episcopi et confessoris(5); Finin of Clonard; dies egyptiacus(4)
13Sancte Lucie virginis et martyris(2)(3)(4)(5)(7) (Lucy); Sancte Indoci/Iudoci(5) confessoris(4); Castae Felicis(7); Edburga of Minster; Judoc; dies mala(3)(4)
14Victoris(5) et Victorie(5) martirum; Zosimi(7); Lupercini(7); Fingar; Hybald; John of the Cross; Nicasius
15Sancti Maximini(3)(4)(5)/Maximi(7) presbiteri; Fausti(7); Luci(7); Offa of Essex
16O Sapiencia(2)(4); Annanie; Azarie; Misabel; Bean
17Sancti Ignati(3)(6)(5) episcopi et martiris in Africa (Translation of Ignace the Bishop and Martyr); Lazari episcopi et martiris(7) [First day of Saturnalia]
18Flannan; Mawan; Samthann; Winnibald
19Zosimi(4), Cyriaci(4), et Secundi(4)
20Sancte Ignatii, episcopie et martiris(4); Juniani(5) et Bassilisce(5) virginis
21Sancti Thome, apostoli(2)(3)(4)(5)(7) (Thomas the Apostle); Solsticium hiemale (Winter Solstice) (3)(4)
[Winter Solstice - Modern]
22Sancte Theodosie virginis(3)(7) (Theodosia); Dedicatio ecclesie Sancte Marie(4)   [Yule or Mid-Winter; Modranicht "Mother Night"; Mean Geimredh; Yuletide; Alban Arthan]
23Sancte Victorice(3) martiris; Sancte Eugene(4) et Sancti Urbani(4); Syxti(7); Apollonaris(7); Frithibert
24Eguini episcopi(5); Mochua; Vigilia(3)(5)/Uigilia Domini(4)(7)
{Christmas Eve - Decorating the home with Holly (inside) and Ivy (outside)]
25Nativitas Domini Nostri Jesu Christi(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)/Nativitas domini in Beethleem Ivdae (The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ; Christmas); Alburga; Anastasia; Solstitium(7)/Bruma(T) (Winter Solstice)  
26Passio Beati Protomartyris Stephani(2)(7)/Sancti Stefani(3)(4)(5) (Stephen, Deacon and protoMartyr (35)); Levitae(7); Tathai ["Boxing Day"]  [1st Day of Christmas]
27Assumptio Almi Sancti Iohannis apostoli et evangeliste(2)(3)(5)(7) (John, Apostle and Evangelist); Natale Sancti Iohannes evangeliste(4)  [2nd Day of Christmas]
28Necatio Sanctorum Innocentum(2)/Innocentos(3)/Sanctorum cxliii milia innocentum/Innocentium(5)/Passio Sanctorum Innocentum(7) (Feast of The Holy Innocents; Childermas)  [3rd Day of Christmas]
29Sancti Thome archiepiscopi(2) (Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury); Sancti Victoris, martyris(4); Hierosolimis Dauid magni regis(7) (Great king David in Jerusalem); Evroult  [4th Day of Christmas]
30Sancti Ecguuini episcopi (Egwin); Sancti Manueti martiris(4)  [5th Day of Christmas]
31Sancti Siluestri pape(2)(3)(4)(5)(7) (Sylvester)  [6th Day of Christmas]


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