TWO pairs of unusually fine chopines, which have been exhibited by their owner at the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington.

The first of these are, as is commonly the case, built of cork, as being the lightest material for the purpose. They are covered with stamped leather, which is inlaid with silver-foil, lacquered to imitate gilding. The sandals, or latchets, are ornamented with tufts of silk. The height at the heels is 3 inches. They slope downwards to the toes to a height of 1 inches, and their length is 8 inches.

The second pair of chopines are of a much bolder character, both in size and height, being 7 inches at the heels and 5 inches at the toes, but only 7 inches long at the base, giving but a scanty sole for the support of the wearer. These chopines are constructed of cork, and are covered with white leather, having a stamped and perforated ornamentation on either side. The slippers, on the top of the structure, are also of white leather, and are decorated with a similar but more elaborate pattern. The origin and use of these singular articles of foot-gear has been already mentioned in the description of Plate VIII. The examples here illustrated are the property of J. U. Fitzhenry, Esqr.