Nos. 1 and 3

A PAIR of petite French-made slippers of silk, with flowers embroidered in silver and silk of various colours, with a goffering of grey ribbon across the instep; they are lined throughout with white kid leather; the heels, of wood, 2 inches high, are covered with polished white leather; the toes are rounded and slightly upturned. The total length of the shoes is only 8 inches; their date is probably early seventeenth century.

No. 2

A SHOE of white kid leather, covered with spotted white satin, embroidered on the toe with flowers and bound with pink ribbed silk, the instep flap being made to draw in with a pink silk cord. The daintily shaped wooden heel, 2 inches high, is covered with spotted pink silk, its base being less than an inch across. The letters, of an old-fashioned character, E. H. are stamped on the lining. Its date is late eighteenth century.

Nos. 4 and 6

A PAIR of curious crimson morocco leather shoes, bound with black silk braid; the toes are very pointed and turned upwards in the style of Eastern foot-gear; the heels, 2 inches high and of wood, are covered with black leather; they taper a short distance down, spreading out again near the base, which is very small. They belong to the middle of the eighteenth century.

No. 5

AN early eighteenth-century shoe of green damask, with high heel and pointed toe; the latchets are wide and made for being fastened with a buckle.

Nos. 7 and 8

THE clog, which belongs to the shoe beside it in the picture, has the usual flat sole and heel; the sides are of red leather, stitched with white thread; the latchets are of pink silk bound with salmon-coloured silk braid.

No. 9

A QUEEN ANNE shoe, made of red-and-white striped silk and cotton material, lined throughout with buff canvas; it has a wide and square instep flap and short latchets or tabs for tying with a ribbon or cord; the toe is pointed; the heel is of wood, covered with red leather, and is 2 inches high.

All the above are in the collection of the Author.