Nos. 1 and 2

GOOD examples of military jack-boots worn during the Cromwellian Period. It is a singular fact that boots of this extravagant description were worn alike by Cavalier and Puritan, the enormously large and wide tops being common to both. The toes are squared and blocked, and the heels are remarkably high and composed of several layers of leather; the tops are frill and well shaped, and could at will be drawn up over the thigh or turned down over the calf of the legs. They retain their original spurs, with twelve pointed rowels.

No. 3

ANOTHER jack-boot of the seventeenth century, with a low heel and an ill-shaped top.


A SIMILAR jack-boot to the above, but with an elegantly shaped top, high heel, and square-blocked toe. This, like No. 3, retains its spur rest above the heel.  Northampton Museum.