Collection of R. Zilcken, Esq.

No. 78. Lapland shoe or rullion, made of raw ox-hide with hair on.

No. 79. Ladyís shoes. Silver top. Seventeenth century.

Collection of Mrs. Williamson.

No. 80. Antique wooden sandals.

No. 81. Sioux Indian girlís shoes. Yellow deer-skin, ornamented with glass and pearl beads.

No. 83. Swiss shoe, leather and stuff material.

Collection of B. Lovett, Esq.

No. 82. Foliated leather shoes. Tangier, Morocco. Present day.

No. 85. Childís ornamented shoes. Delhi, India. Present day.

Collection of C. Purdon Clarke, Esq., C.I.E.

No. 77. Camel-driverís boots. Modern. Ornamented with cut leather. Have five separate soles. Scinde, India.

Collection of E. Lovett, Esq.

No. 86. Decorated sandal. Northern India.

No. 84. Shoe made of twisted fibre. Present day. Kashmir.