Collection of D. J. Hile, Esq.


No. 60A. North American shoe.

No. 60. North American shoe.

No. 53A. Child’s Persian shoe; antique.

No. 61. “Cordwainer’s Last Mystery.” An entire shoe made without a wood or iron last, without a seam. There is no opening in the top. The upper is one piece of leather quite seamless; the shoe is otherwise properly made. The question is—How was it sewn without a last? At the Cordwainers’ Exhibition in 1895, where it was the object of great interest, being viewed by a large number of practical shoemakers, the mystery was solved by Mr. Kenwood, who made one similar to it.

Collection of  J. Lutwyche, Esq.

No. 63A. Child’s shoe.

Collection of R. Zilcken, Esq.

No. 63. Baby’s velvet shoe. Seventeenth century.

Collection of D. J. Hile, Esq.

No. 62. Norwegian shoe.