To cut up Hides for Soles.

In the first place, let the hide lie flat on the floor or board; then round off the loose belly and shanks, and cut off the neck and the thin part of the shoulders across the width of the whole hide.—Then cut the rest of the hide in ranges across the hide, of such width as you may require.—. There is no need for the ranges to be wider than the width of the last at the joint added to the width in the small; for in the prime part of the range the soles may be taken heel and toe; that is, in cutting the soles separate, where the heel of one comes, the toe of the other will come: Hence, there is no need for the range to be so wide as twice the width of the last at the joint.

It has been found by various trials in different modes, that cutting up sole leather in ranges is the simplest, and with the least waste.

The neck part is in general converted into welt leather; the loose belly, and part of the shanks, into inner soles; and the hard shanks into lifts, split-lifts, and piece soles.

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