Laced Half Boots.

The measure of a laced half is to be taken at the heel and foot, the same as the boot; but above the ankle you must take the real width of the personís leg, as at b b; and at the length as at d d, fig. 15. Here the whole space, from a a to d d, is in one piece, the leg and quarter; and the vamp from a a to the toe. The position of the half boot is the same as the boot,. in proporton to the length: for example, suppose that e (in fig. 7.) is the length of the half boot then as the whole length c d is to the half c e, so is the distance a d from the perpendicular to e e, the distance at the length of the half boot, and so for any length. But in practice there will be no necessity to come to mathematical proportion; for your daily experience, with attention will fix the form in the mind sufficiently exact for all purposes, without having recourse to the above method.

I have only laid that down, that you way have an idea of the principles.

The side a c b d, (fig. 15) is open to be laced up in front, with a piece of thin, leather all the way up under the lacing; and both sides are to be lined with a strip of leather about half an inch wide, to strengthen the leg under the lacing.

The leg of the half boot must be cut as near at you can to the real width and form of the personís leg, in front and behind.

Laced half boots are not much worn at present; but the fancy of mankind is so uncertain, that the trade do not know how soon they may come into general wear.

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