On the making of Boots and Shoes, Men's and Womenís.


I FLATTER. myself that you will find the whole of this work disposed of in that regular and natural order which the young beginners are generally taught in the various branches of the trade.

Some may think that I might have left out the subjects of making thread and wax, as in large towns and cities they do not occupy the care of the trade, but are prepared by people called grinders, who sell them with other things called for by the trade. I grant that the trade can be supplied with these articles; but Iíll ask, Have not the trade in large towns and cities often complained of the badness of these materials so prepared, and that the work made with them is too often found defective? Therefore, as they are two articles of the most essential service in the trade, to render the work firm and wearable,
I think too much care cannot be taken to procure them of the best prepared materials, for to answer an end so desirable

The work out of large towns and cities is required Very strong; so I think, that in the country, the young beginners will not say that the subject is superfluous, but that they will gladly embrace the opportunity of seeing if any thing can be added to their former knowledge on the subject.

Therefore I begin the work with directions for preparing and making

Thread and Wax


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