Thorpe, Francis. "[Excerpt from Sergeant Thorpe, Judge of Assize for the Northern Circuit, His Charge, as It Was Delivered to the Grand-Jury at Yorke Assizes the Twentieth of March, 1648...]." In The Harleian Miscellany: Or, a Collection of Scarce, Curious, and Entertaining Pamphlets and Tracts, as Well in Manuscript as in Print, ed. William Oldys, 2, 13-14. London: T. Osborne, 1744-46.


Cordwainers, viz. a Tanner, Currier, Shoe­maker, and Butcher, dealing with the Hide.


     If he set his Fats in Tan-hills.
     If he over-Iime his Hides.
     If he tan any Leither in warm Owze.
     If he do not work the Lime well cut of the Leather.
     If he use any Stuff but Malt, Meal, Tap-wort, Hen-dung, Culver-dung, Ash-bark and Oak-bark.
     If he use any deceitful Mixture for raising his Hides.
     If he suffer his Hides to be frozen with Winter-frost, or to be parched with Summer-sun, or to be dried by the Fire.
     If he tan any rotten Hides.
     If he do not renew his Owze so often as Need requires.
     If he do not keep his Soal-leather twelve Months, and Upper-leather nine Months in the Owze.
     If he sell any tanned Leather, which is insufficiently tanned.
     If he sell any tanned Leather out of a Market.
     If he sell any tanned Leather, before jt be searched and sealed.
     If any Tanner be a Currier or a Shoemaker, or use any other Trade which cuts Leather, or e contra.


     If he dwell out of a Market Town, or exercise his Trade in a Shoe-maker’s House.
     If he curry any Leather but such as is sufficiently tanned.
     If he use any other Stuff in Currying Outer-soal-leather, but good hard Tallow, and no less thereof than the Leather will receive.
     If he gash or scald any Hide, or shave any Leather too thin.
     If he refuse to curry Leather brought to him with Stuff to work it, or if he keep it in Summer above eight Days, and in Winter above sixteen Days.
     If he be a Tanner or Shoemaker, while he is a Currier.


     If he do not make his Wares of good Leather, Soal, and Upper-leather well tanned, and well sewed with Thread well waxed and twisted, and hard drawn with Hand-leathers.
     If he mix his Wares, Part Neats-leather, Part Calf, Horse, or Bull-hide.
     If he sell any Wares upon Sundays.



     If he gash, slaughter, or cut any Hide in Fleshing.
     If he water any Hide, save in June, July, or August.
     If he sell any corrupt or rotten Hides.
     If he sell any Hide but in open Market.
     If he use the Trade of a Tanner.

Tanned Leather.

     If any buy tanned Leather, red and Unwrought, and do not make it into made Wares.
     If any but Tanners buy rough Hides.
     If any buy tanned Leather our of a Market.
     If any buy tanned Leather before it be searched and sealed.
     If any refuse and resist the Searchers to make Search.
     If any ingross Oak-bark.