To all courteous Readers, health.

How Saint Hugh was son unto the renowned king of Powis, a noble Brittaine borne, who in the prime of his yeares loved the faire virgin Winifred, who was the only daughter of Domvallo, which was the last king that ever reigned in Tegina, which is now called Flint-shire. But she refusing all offers of love, was only pleased with a religious life. Her father was sent to Rome, and died ; whose Lady left her life long before. This Virgin therefore, forsook her fathers Princely Palace in Pont Varry, and made her whole abiding in the most sweet pleasent valley of Sichnaunt, and lived there solitarily and carelesse of all company or comfort. It chanced that in Summers heat, this faire Virgin being greatly distressed for lack of drink, and not knowing where to get any, there sprang up suddenly a Christall stream of most sweet and pleasant water out of the hard ground, whereof this Virgin did daily drink: unto the which God himselfe gave so great a vertue, that many people, having beene washed therein, were healed of divers and sundry infirmities wherewith they were borne. Moreover, round about this well where this Virgin did use to walke, did grow a kind of Mosse which is of a most sweet savour, and the colour thereof is as fresh in Winter as in Summer, so that lying thereon, you would suppose yourselfe to be on a bed of Down perfumed with most precious odours.

And what of all this; Marry, read the booke and you shall know; but read nothing except you read all. And why so? Because the begining shews not the middle, and the middle shews not the latter end.

And so farewell.