Creation Myths of Christianity and Science

A comparison by  Marc Carlson
It was last edited 9 June 2004


1000 BCE  2000 CE
Day 1: 
The universe is unformed and void, with darkness over the deep, and the Spirit of God over the Abyss (or the Deep).
God said "let there be Light" 15 Billion years BP  The Big Bang 
And God separated the Darkness from the Light, into the 1st Day (Time begins)  BB+10-43 Seconds.  "Plank Time" The universe begins to differentiate. Time begins.  Gravity becomes a separate force.
BB+10-36 Seconds.  Separation of the Strong Force triggers the Inflation of the Universe 
BB+10-32 Seconds.  The Universe assumes something more like its current size. 
BB+10-13 Seconds.  Electromagnetism begins.
BB+3 minutes.  The universe has cooled enough for Protons and Neutrons to combine
BB+3,000 years. Matter exceeds Energy as the principle source of gravity.
Day 2: 
God created a firmament to separate the water below the expanse from the water above the expanse
BB+3x105 years (according to the COBE microwave measurements) the universe reaches its current temperature.  Atoms are able to form. 
Day 3: 
The water beneath the sky was gathered about to let the dry land appear. 
BB+2x108 years.  Galaxy formation begins.
God creates the Garden, and whips up Man from the Dust. BB+1.05x1010 years/4.5 Billion BCE. The Earth is formed
Trees and other vegetation appear c.3.3 Billion BCE  First living single celled creatures. 
Day 4:  
The Stars, the Sun the Moon are created. 
Day 5: 
Living creatures, birds, sea creatures, and creeping things 
c.700 Million BCE - 64 Million BCE  
1st "Animals" to Dinosaurs 
Day 6:  
*More* living creatures,cattle wild beasts of every kind. 
c.64 million BCE  
The beginning of age of Mammals 
Humans are created again (or Man and Woman are separated from the single being they were before). c.500,000 BCE  
Homo Sapiens appears 
Food plants. c.15,000 - 8,000 BCE 
Cereal plants are domesticated. 
Day 7:  
God Rested. 
Later, humans are banished from the garden, 
have offspring, Cain is sent off into the lands east of Eden, where his son Enoch establishes the first city.
c.10,000-8,000 BCE 
The first cities are established (possibly near Jerico)