Contents of the Books of Buckskinning.

Scurlock, William H. Book of Buckskinning. Texarkana, Rebel Press, 198?
      The Philosophy of Buckskinning
      How to Get Started
      Rendezvous & Shoots
      The Lodge
      The Guns
      The Clothing
      Accoutrements & Equipment
      The Skills
      Women in Buckskinning
      The Crafts

Scurlock, William H. Book of Buckskinning 2. Texarkana, Rebel Press, 198?
      Why Buckskinners Create/Dick "Beau Jacques" House
      Working With Leather/Pat Tearney
      18th Century Clothing/Beth Gilgun
      Horseback Travel/Jeff Hengesbaugh
      Design & Construction of Powder Horns/Don Wright
      Firemaking/Warren "Hawk" Boughton
      Travelling Afoot & By Canoe/Ralph "Two Shoots" Marcum
      Making Camp Gear/George Glenn
      Gun Tune-Up & Care/J.W. "Doc" Carlson

Scurlock, William H. Book of Buckskinning 3. Texarkana, Rebel Press, 1983
      Historic Guns & Today's Makers
      Trade Beads
      18th & 19th Century Cooking
      The Hunting Pouch
      Techniques for Making Footwaer
      Period Shelters

Scurlock, William H. Book of Buckskinning 4. Texarkana, Rebel Press, 1987
      Traditional Blanksmithing
      Blankets in Early America
      From Raw Hides to Rawhide
      Styles of the Southwest
      Smoothbores on the Frontier
      Trade Silver
      Backwoods Knives
      Lighting the Primitive Camp
      Historic Sites & Museums

Scurlock, William H. Book of Buckskinning 5. Texarkana, Rebel Press, 1989
      Trade Goods for Rendezvous
      Games, Sports & Other Amusements
      Fur Trade Indian Dresses
      Tipi Know-How
      Engraving & Carving
      Old Time Music & Instruments
      Pack Saddles & Panniers
      Museums & Historic Sites II

Scurlock, William H. Book of Buckskinning 6. Texarkana, Rebel Press, 1992
      The Traditional Hunting Pouch/Steven M. Lalioff
      Horse Gear - East & West/Bob Schmidt & Tom Bryant
      Making A Wooden Bow/Jim Hamm
      American Powder Horns/Mark Odle
      Frontier Trail Foods/Edward C. Maurer
      Old-Time Shooting Matches/George D. Glenn
      Period Trekking/Mark A. Baker
      Finger Weaving/Tim Connin

Scurlock, William H. Book of Buckskinning 7. Texarkana, Rebel Press, 1995
      Clothing of the Rocky Mountain Trapper, 1820-1840/Allen Chronister & Clay Landry
      Indian-Influenced Woodsmen of the Cane/Ted Franklin Belue
      Art & Writing on the Frontier/Cathy Johnson
      Great Lakes & Eastern Woodlands Knife Sheaths/Jan Zender & Rochelle Dale
      A Wardrobe for the Frontier Woman, 1780-1840/Beth Gilgun
      A Typical Day's Journey in Winter/Fred Gowen
      Goods of the Trunk Maker & his Trade/Steven M. Lalioff
      Tools & Techniques of Bark tanning/Mark Odle.

Scurlock, William H. Book of Buckskinning 8. Texarkana, Rebel Press, 1995

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