What Price Freedom
Basic outline
by Marc Carlson
Copyright 1992 by Marc Carlson


          Sun   5   [Full Moon]

          Mon   6

          Tues  7

          Wed  8   Yuvon meets Helena, she gets drunk

          Thu   9   Operate on Clara Tully, go back to Bard's Hotel

          Fri  10   Leave Denver.  H's origin. Reach Black Hawk, meet Holliday, Gunfight, Marshall, Helena's dream sequence.

          Sat  11   Leave Black Hawk. Reach Rollinsville.  Helena saves girl, falls in stream.

          Sun  12   [3rd quarter] Go to Nederland and Church.  Save kid from mineshaft.

          Mon  13   Helena wants to go home.  They ride to Magnolia.  Arrive at Mrs. Jenkins.      Townspeople attack. Helena collapses.

          Tues 14

          Wed  15

          Thu  16   Helena begins to move around.

          Fri  17

          Sat  18   Helena has a talk with Mrs. Jenkins.

          Sun  19

          Mon  20   [New Moon] Horror sequence?

          Tues 21   Leave Mrs. Jenkins' Go to Gold Hill

          Wed  22   To Ward District

          Thu  23   Brigands on the road.  Sleep at Allen's Fireplace.

          Fri  24   Begin ascent of Long's Peak. Sex.

          Sat  25   Over Long's Peak, descend to Estes Park.

          Sun  26   Up glacier.  Helena bids Yuvon farewell.

          Mon  27   [1st quarter]