Type 2

According to the typology given in Nockert, Type 2 Hoods are typified as

"Hood cut in two equal parts, with a tailored, slightly ridged seam above the skull. Upper part of liripipe usually cut in one piece with the hood. Large cape (20-33 cm long). Long liripipe (60-84 cm). Liripipe width varies between 1.4 and 5 cm."

There is also a gore in the front, and sometimes in the back, and a somewhat tailored neck seam. This group is made up from four hoods from Herjolfsnes, and comprises Norlund's "Type I": no. 65, no. 66, no. 67, and no. 70. The major difference between the Nockert Type 1 and 2 is the existance of a seam separating the side pieces.

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